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CASE STUDY: Philanthropic Event for Pharmaceutical Company Multi Focus Event for 1,200 people

This pharmaceutical company wanted to provide a meaningful charitable team event for 1,200 attendees during their National Sales Meeting. The event would support the client’s larger overall Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative and annual day of service, benefiting local non-profit organizations in the Las Vegas area where the meeting was taking place.

Corporate Event Interactive sourced four charities in the Las Vegas area, identified their needs, purchased all supplies and executed a three hour CSR program for 1,200 attendee volunteers. Guests were welcomed to the event with a musical performance by the children from two of the school choirs in the Clark County School District. When the children finished, participants were divided into four teams to build, assemble, and create requested donation items for four charities, including:

Creating stuffed animals for children at St Jude’s Ranch

St. Jude’s Ranch, a community of homes for abused and neglected children ranging in ages from 5 years to 17 years old. Teams built and decorated a toy box for each home on the ranch and filled them with items that the children had on their wish lists, from skateboards to art supplies to board games. Team members stuffed and dressed plush animals for each child to accompany their toys while others built bicycles, tricycles and wagons for the children. A final group of participants helped the St Jude’s Ranch staff create decorations for their holiday fundraiser. Items included large candy canes, decorated trees and jumbo lollipops.

Making bicycles for Boys & Girls Club of Southern Nevada

Boys & Girls Club of Southern Nevada – With an increase in single-parent families and families with two working parents, a growing number of children turn to the Boys & Girls Club for after school activities. Participants assembled 50 bicycles, tricycles and wagons in addition to 20 pieces of furniture, including sports benches and storage boxes, for the children to use at the club. Participants also created 100 story time kits, which included books, handmade book marks and stuffed plush animals.

Adding Notes of Encouragement for Clark County School District Students’ Backpacks

Clark County School District has the task of preparing children for the future in an ever-changing and demanding world with shrinking budgets and cuts in funding. Over 11,000 students in the CCSD also have the challenge of being homeless. Purchasing necessary school supplies places an added stress on these families already in need. Participants created assembly lines and packed 360 student backpacks filled with school supplies. They also made 240 teacher kits and 100 story time kits that included classic books, handmade book marks, and novelty pillows. Participants also put together 150 solar car kits used to teach robotics and engineering lessons. Last, but not least, team members painted murals on pre-drawn canvases to beautify the walls of the schools.

Activity kits for NCCF

Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation improves the quality of life for critically ill children and their families. Participants created care packages for the patients and their siblings who were to attend Camp Cartwheel, a fun-filled 3 day camp where kids could take a break from their illness and have fun with their siblings. Teams decorated and filled summer swag bags with items needed for the camp such as sunscreen and sunglasses. Others made family care packages filled with activities such as games and puzzles to keep family members occupied during visits to the hospital. The last group of participants created 300 story time kits which included classic books, decorated book marks, stuffed plush animals and novelty pillows.

At the end of the event, donation items and gifts were presented in a surprise reveal to each benefiting charity. Representatives and children addressed the company volunteers to say thank you and accept the donations. A special thank you gift made by the children at St. Jude’s Ranch was presented to the company’s Senior Leadership eliciting tears of joy and gratitude.

These four organizations, St. Jude’s Ranch, Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Southern Nevada and the Clark County School District received a total of 1,932 donation items. Each item was presented with a handwritten message crafted by the volunteers who had built, assembled and packed each donation item. While the charities received much needed donations for their organizations, participants left the event with a sense of accomplishment and pride in the social responsibility commitment of their company. The CSR event was a fantastic way to end the company’s week long National Sales Meeting conference and send colleagues home having made a significant contribution to the local Las Vegas community.

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Company Culture – Five Ideas for Your Team to Give Back

Colleagues Teambuilding & Volunteering

Colleagues Teambuilding & Volunteering

Company culture plays a big role in employee satisfaction and retention. Some companies embrace a work hard, play hard ideology, others embrace giving back to the communities in which they are located. Deloitte, Salesforce, Stryker and others listed in the March 2015 Fortune article by Benjamin Snyder (@WriterSnyder) pay their employees for their time while they give back. Employees are encouraged to get into the community and share their talents. They do good works for others, they can feel good about their achievements and proud of their company for supporting their efforts. This is a triple win!

Many groups enjoy rolling up their sleeves and spending time with their colleagues to volunteer. At CEI, we have created short, impactful programs to offer a balance of teambuilding and volunteering that can either stand alone or cap off an all day meeting or conference. We often customize the program to align with the meeting message, conference theme or company’s focus. Here we share with you some popular ideas for your company to pitch in as a group to help your community.

With Kids In Mind

Operation Toy Box volunteers making a difference

Operation Toy Box volunteers making a difference

Operation Toy Box is a popular activity that benefits children from a local charity or hospital. Volunteers have their own fond memories of playing with their favorite toys when they were kids. They instantly connect with the challenge of building a toy chest for a child in need and filling it with board games, stuffed animals and sports equipment. Teams compete in challenges to win their children accessories such as stickers and decorative items to make their toy chests stand out. The best part of the experience is when the children come in to the room at the end of the build. Here at CEI, we try to coordinate this reveal as often as we can. The volunteers are excited to see the children and the children are overwhelmed when they receive the toy chests! Tears flow, and heartfelt words are expressed…it’s a wonderful experience for everyone.

Operation Toy Box recipient thanks volunteers

Operation Toy Box recipient thanks volunteers

Another child oriented CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) event is Back2School. Teams compete in classroom themed activities to win vouchers that can be redeemed for school supplies. Backpacks and Teacher Kits are filled with necessary items to get the school year started off on the right foot. This is a great event to host in late July or August before school starts, but kids’ supplies need to be replenished during the winter months as well, making this a year round hit!

To promote literacy, volunteers might resonate with CEI’s Kid Lit program. Participants assemble story time essentials like stuffing a teddy bear, making a comfy pillow, decorating a bookmark and selecting a special book for a young reader. While many children have access to books at school or their local library, some do not have books they can call their own. This list of 11 Facts about Literacy in America, compiled by, sheds light on the literacy issues in our country today. By choosing the Kid Lit event, your company creates a hands-on way to encourage children to develop a love for reading.

Adults Need a Boost Too

Boxes and cans go from hole in one to food pantry with Putt Putt for Charity

Boxes and cans go from hole in one to food pantry with Putt Putt for Charity

At CEI, we like to put a competitive spin on volunteering. One way we do this is with our Putt Putt Engineering for Charity program. This is perfect for all those people in your group who imagine themselves on the links with professional golfers Rory McIlroy or Jordan Spieth. Teams design their own hole in one challenge using boxes, cans and cases of food. Once building is done, each team presents their green to the judges and, if time allows, they play a round or two before donating all of the grocery items to a food bank, soup kitchen or other charity. A study conducted by the Greater Chicago Food Depository, showed that 1 in 6 people in Cook County are not sure when or where they will get their next meal. Putt Putt Engineering for Charity is a fun and easy way for your team to help so many in need.

A new activity we added to our offerings is One Team: Chemo Care. Volunteers create chemo care packages which are donated through a local Chicago charity called Lemons of Love to area hospitals. Teams compete in challenges to win additional items for their boxes. Upon completing the boxes, if available, a member from the charity will come to thank your team. If your team wants to help “Cancer Suck Less” as the charity’s motto goes, then this event is for you!

Team building with a charitable twist goes a long way to help an employee feel good about themselves, their co-workers and their company. There are many details that need to be put together to create and execute a successful CSR event. The key factor is selecting a cause meaningful to your organization. CEI can handle the rest!

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Assembling the Troops to Feed a Community!

The Holidays are upon us! Looking for teambuilding activities to engage your employees all the while giving back to the community you work and play in? We’ve got them!

For December Blog

On November 4th, 2015, Corporate Event Interactive (CEI) produced Feeding Chicago for its client, the Meetings & Incentives Worldwide. It was a team building meets CSR event during their Annual Meeting. M&IW employees took part in a series of team building challenges and trivia while building camaraderie and at the same time, giving back to the community. After each challenge was completed, teams received food vouchers which were redeemed at the “general store” for food items. Teams assembled and decorated boxed lunches and wrote inspirational messages to be included. How fitting!

For December Blog

The boxed lunches/dinners were then donated to Cornerstone Community Outreach which offers shelter and services to homeless and low-income families in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood. A representative from Cornerstone visited during the event to thank the teams for building awareness and to generously accept the appreciated donations.

The clients really enjoyed participating in the day’s activities, especially assembling the boxed lunches/dinners. They also brought extra non-perishable food items themselves from home to donate to Cornerstone.

Way to go M&IW team!

For December Blog

It was awesome and everyone had a great time! Another successful event!!!” – Jean Johnson, President & CEO Meetings & Incentives Worldwide

By: Rosita Carobelli-Zukowski
All in Place Communications and Creative Design
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The Vision of Christmas Hope

By: Rosita Carobelli-Zukowski

All in Place Communications and Event Planning

The Christmas season is upon us once again. I came across the World Vision Gift Guide recently. And it sparked me to write this blog entry. I’ve heard the radio commercials before as well as of people who have bought these wonderful, useful gifts for those less fortunate living in the different countries that the organization helps.

What a great idea for a small to medium-sized office or even as departments to pool their money together and donate toward purchasing goats, chickens and cows that will help out families this Christmas. Or the purchase of fresh water, fruit trees, hygiene kits and mosquito nets. As well as gift bundles geared towards the improvement of providing classrooms for better education.

Instead of the usual Secret Santa exchange and filling our homes with more ‘stuff’ we don’t need or want (and may eventually sell on Kijiji anyway), you will be giving a gift of hope, joy, sincerity and love towards those who need it most. Isn’t that what the true meaning of Christmas is all about?

You’re giving the gift of fresh water or livestock to feed a family in need. Now that’s more important than getting another Christmas mug filled with candy canes. Bring your team, big or small, together and pool your names and money towards this unique and worthy cause. Knowing your donation has helped complete strangers in need to have a blessed Christmas!

~ Give gifts that change lives this Christmas ~

For more details on the World Vision gift program, please visit their website,

Team Work – Giving Back to Your Business Community!

By: Rosita Carobelli-Zukowski

All in Place Communications and Event Planning

Social Service Agencies like Food Banks, Soup Kitchens and Shelters continually need volunteers throughout the year, not just for special holiday times like Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Why not encourage your staff and organize half days where teams go in and volunteer their time to give back to the business community they operate in? This is a great way for employees to engage with one another while helping out those less fortunate within their community.

We’ve all organized food and toy drives…how about a business clothing drive? We all have business clothes (i.e. shirts, ties, blouses, dress pants, etc.) that are gently-used that we have outgrown or don’t fit us properly anymore. I recently purged my closet with my husband and we collected a bag worth of business clothes that no longer fit or suit us. Instead of donating to consignment stores this time, donate them to non-profit organizations (i.e. Goodwill or Salvation Army) that run career centers and employment services and workshops for those looking for jobs. These donated clothing items will provide the clients of these organizations to “dress to impress”. Especially during the first few weeks on the new job as well as when the clients are going for interviews. This will help clients with one less worry of where they’ll find the money to “look the part” that they need to succeed. The clothing will be one less concern for the registrants benefiting from such employment programs.