Association Management

Come join us for the next Chicago Drink Exchange (CDE). The CDE after work events are a very comfortable way to meet new people, have some fun and experience a unique Chicago venue. Past Drink Exchanges have been hosted at The Motel Bar, The Red Canary, Chief O'Neill's, Market Bar, The New Line Tavern, The Wit Hotel, DiSotto Enoteca, and the Tuscany Cafe. Each Drink Exchange is unique with its own make up of guests, topics of conversation and surroundings, but they all very casual and always a good time for all!

For an update on the next Chicago Drink Exchange please contact Jodi Whitlock at or 312-540-1000.

We work closely with your team to be sure your association runs smoothly and that your members benefit from their participation in your organization!

"Survive Alive! was the certain high point for our weekend activities. It provided the opportunity for a true teambuilding experience and allowed us to work together, make friends and become better teammates. Finally it was quite simply loads of fun! Thanks for making those of us on the Retreat Committee look brilliant! I look forward to working with you again"

– Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal