One Team: U.S.O. Care Packages

Teams show their support for each other and for the men and women of the armed forces by completing interactive drills to secure treats and supplies for care packages for the U.S.O. to send to our troops overseas!

Our "4-Star General" welcomes guests to the event by musical fanfare. Participants are divided into squads and presented with their ultimate challenge - travel around their camp to complete a series of interactive drills and earn items to include in their care package. Each drill encourages the troops to work together as a team.

Once squads have completed their mission, they have the opportunity to decorate paper and boxes for their items and design a card with a personalized note to send with their package. Pending availability, a USO Representative or armed forces member may also be on hand to give thanks to the squads and accept the packages. Imagine how appreciative our soldiers will be!

"It was a pleasure working with Linda and her team. Wonderful experience and thank you for your creative magic and all that you did!!"

– Meetings and Incentives