Orienteering with Puzzle Challenge

What is the true meaning of success? The answer lies beyond the limits of individual thinking and must be tackled using the combined cognitive abilities of a dedicated team. Armed with a map, compass and navigational clues, determined squads comb the area in pursuit of specific coordinates and the puzzle pieces in hopes of solving this ageless riddle. Upon completion of the course, the answer is clear. Let the quest begin!

Upon arrival, your troop is divided into smaller squads, providing them a better chance of completing the course and solving the riddle. Each squad receives a scouting kit to help guide them through the "wilderness," including navigational clues, topographic map, compass and whistle. By solving navigational clues and using their map and compass, squads locate specific coordinates and find missing pieces to the puzzle. If the riddle is to be solved, each squad must acquire all of their missing puzzle pieces. Teams need to communicate and make important group decisions to succeed.

When teams reunite and piece together the puzzle, it is time for celebration and honorary medals of achievement for a mission well done!

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