Risk-Taking - Wanted: A Few Brave Teams

Is your group ready to face a persistent adversary that blocks business breakthroughs and damages morale, day-by-day? Its name is: FEAR OF FAILURE. This type of fear blocks risk-taking/innovation, and the candid expression of thoughts, feelings, and aspirations.

This liberating and interactive session is enhanced by real-life cases and stories. You'll learn practical and productive ways to risk-take. Before you know it, your team will start moving from "comfort zones" to "stretch zones."Participants will try activities such as Group Risk-taking Barometer; Where Do You Stand With Fear?; Creating A Badge Of Courage; and more!

"CEI is amazing to work with from start to finish. Even though the weather had permitted us from doing the activity we wanted, CEI came up with a great alternative in short notice and created an event that each guest was able to participate, be competitive, and overall have fun. "

– Chicago Travel Consultants