Spring Training: An Experiential Learning Event

Pump up team spirit and warm-up your staff for the upcoming season in this lively multi-station learning activity. Teams step up to the plate and compete in a variety of experiential challenges that test their ability to work together. Scored like baseball, teams accumulate runs without striking out. Based upon their performance at the challenges, the most effective team tallys the most runs and wins the Spring Training Pennant!

As players enter the stadium they form teams and select a team manager. Once established, teams meet the League Commissioner (lead facilitator). Each Manager guides his or her team to various stations where they strategize to complete a challenge. Umpires (activity facilitators) are at each station to explain and enforce the rules.

Similar to innings in baseball, runs are cumulative for each station and displayed on a scoreboard. What's more, for each run a team scores, it receives a clue to the Extra Inning Riddle to be solved for some insurance runs at the close of the activity!

"HS2 Solutions couldn't have asked for a better way to spend an afternoon of team building. "

– HS2 Solutions