Team Networking Experience

A flurry of activity fills the room as participants make connections while having fun! In an open, non-competitive format teams participate in numerous activities designed to facilitate a lively networking experience. Teams bond together as a group to solve challenging puzzles, flex their creativity and meet new people.

Our emcee and spirited event staff greet guests and help them find their tables for dinner. As dinner begins, teams create custom trivia questions based on their table's assigned category. During dessert our emcee presents the questions to the entire group. The fun continues with a large group activity(s) and then the teams separate again. Teams change members before each activity based on different criteria. With an emphasis on networking, each activity provides a unique experience that encourages individual interaction. Energetic and knowledgeable staff lead the activities and offer tips and words of encouragement.

At the end of the evening, teams reconvene for a final large group activity and a brief reflection on the evening's fun!

"Corporate Events is staffed by professional association managers. They understand our needs and provide great services."

– Illinois Creditors Bar Association