In It To Win Big Money For...

Earn money for a cause while showcasing individual talent in the most entertaining way possible! Onstage participants who have been practicing for some time try to complete their selected challenge within 60 seconds.

Challenges may include landing a lampshade on their head using a fishing pole (while blindfolded!) or rolling cookies from their forehead to their mouth using only their facial muscles. In It To Win Big Money For... is a hoot to watch and to participate in, and with the help of pledges secured by participants, it is also an outstanding fundraising activity!

Teams pay an entrance fee for the chance to compete in a wide range of unique challenges to be completed in 60 seconds. Participants have multiple days, weeks, or months to practice their challenge and most importantly collect pledges from friends, family and coworkers. A minimum entrance fee should be established so even if a participant is unsuccessful with their challenge, money will still be raised.

We also suggest securing a main stage sponsor to tie their brand in with this outstanding fundraising effort and help cover hard costs for the event.

"Linda was so great to work with for this program from start to finish! She created a huge team-building event from just one concept and turned it into a success! For 550 people to get this involved in a team-building activity is rare!"

– Access Destination Services