Midway Money Makers

Come one, come all to a day of fantastic fun at one of our themed carnivals! Young and old alike have a great time testing their skills at game stations themed for your event. Your organization will raise money while enjoying this entertaining experience that is colorful, unique and professionally designed!

To help cover the event's hard costs, we suggest securing sponsors for each of the Game Stations and the prizes. An agreed number of game tickets (or tokens) can be included in your general admission fee, and guests can use them for game play. Allowing guests a chance to purchase additional game tickets once they run out increases revenue for your organization or cause!

For adult groups, participants can win raffle tickets at the games for a grand prize drawing, ideally for prizes related to your organization like being executive director for a day, an outing with children or adults your cause is benefiting or craft projects created by members of your organization.

"I like this team building event more than a build a bike because it allowed the individuals much more creativity."

– In The Loop