Greet & Meet: Theme Networking Challenges

Energize your next business reception, group outing or employee event with a Greet & Meet Theme Networking Challenge! Guests solve puzzles, create artwork and answer themed trivia questions as they interact and network in a unique way. Each of the energizing Greet & Meet themes focus on creating networking opportunities. 

Upon arrival, guests receive a piece of a puzzle and are encouraged to find others on their team. Teams travel to theme stations set around the room and earn points for participating in activities. Our Station Directors lead each activity and help facilitate the interaction. At various times throughout the event, our Emcee may switch up the teams to create new opportunities. A tally of team scores is kept throughout the event, unless run non-competitively then the completion of each round of challenges and the relationships that develop throughout is victory in itself!

Note: Challenges may be customized to your meeting or event theme. Themes include: Windy City Welcome, A Trip Around the Bases, Break a Leg, Catch the Beat, and more!

"Ed, Kelly and the team at Corporate Event continue to deliver outstanding support for NIEAPA and their efforts managing and promoting our annual Conference has led to our most profitable and well attended programs to date! "

– Northern Illinois Chapter of the Employee Assistance Professionals Association