Turn the entire city of Chicago into your company's urban playground during this fast-paced, strategic game!

Our high energy emcee greets guests and prepares them for their adventure! Each team divides themselves up according to their strategy. Infiltration is a dynamic point game which means that there are numerous ways to earn points and win! Though the team's overall goal is to move their "Runner" through a series of checkpoints, they can also earn points as their "Chasers" stop other team's Runners. "Scouts" act to assist their Runners in avoiding opposing team's Chasers as they travel. Players may travel by foot or mass-transit,they cannot take taxis or another kind of private transport. The end result is a massive open ended strategy game that is athletic, strategic and nerve-wracking.

"What a wonderful experience this was. Linda and Jodi you have out done yourselves! The group had a wonderful time with your fun games, interactive crew, and great ideas!"

– ACCESS Destination Services®