Global Team Rhythm Experience

Travel the world without ever leaving your event! Our talented percussionist(s) guide participants around the globe through music!

As guests arrive assorted drums and other percussion instruments are positioned around the event space. We'll begin by highlighting the features of the instruments (where they originated and the context in which they are used) and demonstrating how to play each one.

Spanning the continents, our facilitator will bring you, through music, to parts of Africa, Brazil and the Caribbean. Instruments are distributed to some guests while others are invited to clap and step along with the music. Before you know it, you are transported to an African savanna, a Brazilian rainforest or a Caribbean beach!

"Linda, thank you very much for all of your help! I really would not have known where to begin or what to do without your guidance. Thank you for helping pull off such a great event."

– ACCESS Destination Services