The Race To...

The need for speed has been bred into humans for generations. There is a glorious rush of adrenaline from the velocity it takes to pull past the competition. That craving of momentum is at the heart of "The Race To..." where teams design and build the ultimate racing machine.

Whether it be a car, boat or flying machine (adult supporting or not!), this friendly competition can generate fast money for your special fundraising program! The goal of the "The Race To..." is to enter as many paid teams as possible into the competition. Once teams are formed, team members solicit pledges based on how well their team performs, with a minimum pledge required so even teams who wind up in last place are still contributing to the bottom line.

Like sponsorships in The Tour de France or NASCAR, sponsorships in "The Race To..." are essential to offset the hard costs of the event supplies and production. The fastest or "coolest" racers and fundraising efforts such as the "fastest team to raise $1,000" or the "fastest team to secure 100 pledges" are recognized on race day and awarded prizes.

The racing machines for this event can be adult supporting derby cars or sailing vessels, or non-adult supporting model cars, flying machines, or sailing boats. Whatever the vehicle of choice, the goal is the same - spirited competition, lots of speed, and loads of money generated for your cause!

"Bright Horizons was a huge hit! The relaxed and casual nature of the activity was truly perfect. Guests had the opportunity to paint at their leisure throughout the reception which allowed for networking and still a celebratory vibe, rather than a structured teambuilding. I would say in the end, everyone put some sort of mark on the paintings (whether large or small). It was a great addition to the evening and the finished product looked amazing (with a little touch-up from the artist, Alex)."

– On The Scene