Mission Possible

Your mission, should you accept it... is to complete a series of challenges set forth by your Mission Commander. We'll see if you have what it takes to partake in Operation Team Bonding. These top-secret maneuvers are complex and designed to test your squad's ability to work together under pressure and prepare you for future covert projects. Other secret agent squads are presented with similar challenges as the Mission Commander determines the squad chosen for this top assignment!

After a briefing by the Mission Commander, teams determine a squad leader and receive a top-secret recorded message. The message describes each maneuver the squads must perform; requiring the highest level of communication and problem solving ability. Upon successful completion of all maneuvers, the Mission Commander determines each squad's score based on three criteria - time, quality and ability To follow instructions.

The squad with the highest score receives a Secret Agent Certificate and bragging rights!

"All the staff thoroughly enjoyed the event. The emcee was entertaining and not over the top. Just the right amount of sass for our group! "

– Kovitz Shifrin Nesbit