Survive Alive!

Life imitates popular culture in our version of the reality series that captured the nation's imagination! It's man against nature in a battle of wits that tests your tribe's ability to adapt and adjust to their tropical surroundings. Tribes create a flag and tribal chant and then engage in survivor challenges such as Hidden Treasure, Choose Your Weapon and Tribe Overboard. Immunity beads are awarded to winning tribes for each challenge. Teamwork and strategy determine who secures the most immunity beads to Survive Alive!

As guests arrive, they receive a novelty survival item (sunscreen, toothbrush, etc.) to establish the tribes. Music sets the stage as our emcee readies the group with instructions and words of encouragement. Tribes give it their all at a variety of survivor style challenge stations, run by tribal assistants who help explain each challenge and award immunity beads based on each tribe's performance. Once the challenges have been completed, the tribe that collected the most beads is named the Ultimate Survivor!

"Bright Horizons was a huge hit! The relaxed and casual nature of the activity was truly perfect. Guests had the opportunity to paint at their leisure throughout the reception which allowed for networking and still a celebratory vibe, rather than a structured teambuilding. I would say in the end, everyone put some sort of mark on the paintings (whether large or small). It was a great addition to the evening and the finished product looked amazing (with a little touch-up from the artist, Alex)."

– On The Scene