Bugsy's Boondoggle

Hey, listen up. Word on da wire is we gots some Feds on our tail. Dey're tryin' ta find da loot we gots in Chicago. But da guy who's in charge of da loot, he got rubbed out last week, see? Now he sleeps wid da fishes. Yea but he didn't tell no one where he kept da loot, see? So, we's gotta look for it, and find it before da feds. So my boss, Bugsy Maroon, he's got me out recruitin' new mugs. So whaddya think pal? Ya wanna give it a shot?

It ain't easy being in da mob, I'm warnin' ya. We gots ta put ya through some tests, ya know? We gots ta know you ain't one a dem plainclothes pig guys, right? You'll face roadblocks and detours and, hey, if Bugsy likes ya, he may even give ya a "get out of jail free card" so you'se can skip one or two of da tests, right? Once ya prove yer up ta snuff, maybe we'll cut ya in on da loot, if we find it, dat is! Hey, while yer out on dem tests keep a lookout for da loot, eh? Like gold coins and stuff, right? And, of course, watch out for dem Feds, dey'll just slow you'se down. See ya on da streets, and, hey keep yer nose clean!

"They LOVE Norm, and they all thought he worked for their company and wanted to know why they hadn't met him yet. "

– Meetinghouse Companies