Boot Camp

Hut two three four, hut two three four... Our drill sergeants play no favorites in this interactive team experience. No crew cuts are required, but your recruits still feel the pressure as they are challenged to an afternoon of calisthenics (warm up activities), team drills and verbal encouragement. The platoon(s) that survive the challenges and collect the most silver stars will receive their sergeant's stripes and earn the respect of our hard to please drill masters.

Boot Camp begins with recruits from various squads completing a series of calisthenics before creating and raising their platoon colors (team flag). Our drill sergeants lead participants through a series of drills including relocating "ammunition" to the "front line," crossing a "minefield" while blindfolded and transferring "toxic waste" to the dump. The platoon that completes each exercise successfully and collects the most commendations triumphs in this hard-nosed, interactive challenge. 

"Thank you for working with me to create such a memorable event. A good time was had both the Urbanest and Urbanish teams!"

– Executive Search Firm