Can You Spell Fundraiser?

"Can You Spell" is an outstanding competition for a corporate group during lunch or a charitable group at a casual gathering. To customize the event, we can also incorporate words that tie into the cause's message and good deeds!

The fundraiser starts well before the spelling competition itself. An online "spelling test" is designed on a website that mimics your cause's homepage. Everyone you know (each donating a small amount to your cause!) has a chance to qualify for a spot in your live spelling competition based on their performance in the time allotted on the online qualifier. Each of these qualified competitors then have time to raise pledges and, of course, a cheering section to root them on to the pinnacle of their life's spelling accomplishment - victory in Can You Spell 'Fundraiser"?!

"Our client said that the feedback from this event was beyond expectations. She had said that guests came up to her the next day and said that this was the best one that they have had to date!"

– Eved Services