Cooking Up Funds

This fundraising experience will have your participants relinquishing their computers for aprons as a select group of eager volunteers take over a local restaurant for a day. The goal, of course, is to "cook up" some funds for your favorite cause, but the approach is all about providing your participants with a once in a lifetime team bonding experience!

A select group of your eager volunteers will spend the day supporting the efforts of a restaurant or venue's owner and/or head chef. Tasks may include cleaning, setting tables, assisting in the preparation of food and/or decorating the venue for the evening. The restaurateur may even offer a modest donation to your cause for the extra help! But the "big" money comes in when guests from your organization arrive for a dinner "feast." Based on the site's generosity, a percentage of the total proceeds from the dinner could go to your selected cause. What better way to raise funds than a spirited day of preparation followed by a grand celebration with friends and co-workers!

"First and foremost, your creativity and flexibility were so important with this event. With our very tight timeline, you and your team met the challenges and kept things moving forward. It was truly a pleasure to work with you and your staff for this event. The participants really seemed to enjoy both activities and thankfully the weather cooperated for us "

– Meetings & Incentives