The Fast Track Fundraiser: Video Horse Racing

The sport of kings is the sport that can also generate money and interest for your cause! Exciting video horse races are shown on large screens with each competing thoroughbred custom named to tie-in with your organization. Odds are preset and participants winnings turned in for raffle tickets for a prize drawing. The evening is ripe for excitement and the thrill of victory!

Included in guest's entrance fee is $100 in play money for betting. Additional betting money can be purchased by guests at the tellers, with all purchases being donated to the cause.

To help cover some or all of the event costs, the individual race names could be sold as sponsorship opportunities. Within each hosted race, the horses can be sponsored as well, with the largest sponsored horse for each race coming in first place! Guests who are not big winners still have the opportunity to purchase raffle tickets separately to better their odds of going home a winner!

"We can't say thank you to you and your team enough. It was great seeing the Green Team challenge come together. You certainly put a great deal of time and effort into this, and it was great to see so many people enjoying it so much - with songs to boot! You really made the GREEN focus come to life, and it really made for a fun, educational element that got people thinking. "

– International Special Events Society - Chicago Chapter