Games have always been a great way to bring families, individuals and teams together and now they can also help raise money for your cause! Game boards or playing fields will be in place, tournament structures set, and beverages aplenty. Your guests will feel right at home at this interactive, sleep-depriving approach to raising money for your cause. If budget allows, we will also bring in our all night DJ-O-Maniac who is sure to keep even the sleepiest of "thonners" on their toes!

As a twist we can design the event to be "Tournament Style," starting with simpler, classic children's games and as winners from each round move on, the games get increasingly strategic and challenging, until you have crowned an "Ultimate Gamer." Or ask about our King's Court game tournament and play to determine who the royalty will be in this newly popular party game.

With our Game-A-Thon we suggest offering incentive gifts to people who contribute a pre-determined dollar amount. Prizes could include versions of the games themselves or tickets to sporting events. We can also help to arrange for families who are not able to participate in an all-night event due to having young children play from home and still be able to generate money from pledges for the cause.

"CEI provided an excellent event, and was able to modify the activity to our meeting location constraints. They even worked with the venue to make sure all rules were followed. "

– Quaker Foods