The Great Teapot Fundraiser

Add a special twist to an adventure hunt by gathering items for your selected cause's silent (or live) auction with The Great Teapot Fundraiser. Challenge participants to be savvy marketers willing to network, negotiate and barter with the locals. Armed with only a "classic" teapot and two hours of trading time, teams explore the city to "trade up" for items of values to donate to your cause's next auction. Can a teapot be traded for a nice watch, or will a team settle for box of chocolates? Either could be valuable for the next deal! Oh, by the way, no money can be used unless earned in a trade generated by the original teapot.

Our emcee introduces the activity and distributes area maps and teapots to each team. Teams have a limited amount of time to scour the city, make trades and bring back the most valuable item(s) possible. Along the journey, teams take digital photos of each transaction to document the adventure. When teams return, they print their photos, decorate a storyboard with these photos and showoff the final item(s) that they collected. All collected items of value are donated to your cause. Prizes can be added for teams that return the finest bounty!

"Corporate Event Interactive is always enthusiastic about developing a fun program that coincides with our meeting theme and stays within my budget constraints. I would recommend anyone looking for a fresh idea to contact Corporate Event Interactive."

– Frito-Lay, Inc.