The Build Brothers Charity Challenge: An Adventure Hunt

Sweet Home Chicago is the setting for this rocking philanthropic romp through the urban landscape. Chicago's own "Build" Brothers kickoff the adventure with a musical number and then request that teams help their favorite "orphanage" (a local Chicago children's charity) collect much needed toys. It is up to your teams to solve riddle and puzzle clues to uncover various "hideouts" throughout the city. At some of these hideouts teams complete challenges such as singing together in harmony and dancing "Build" Brothers style to earn toy parts, which they bring back and assemble (or teams can collect completed toys) for the duo's charity.

The Charity Challenge ends when teams present their toys to the "Build" Brothers. To make this event truly special, a representative and, if available, the children from the selected charity arrive to accept their new gifts and thank participants.

"My client was thrilled with their activity. It was not only educational, but fun for her attendees. I look forward to working with Ed Graziano and his team again and again."

– ADH Events