The Book of Secrets: A Museum Based Adventure Hunt

Teams uncover the mysteries behind the Book of Secrets by solving riddles, puzzles, photo and word ciphers. The clues lead them to exhibits throughout the museum where teams discover unique and interesting facts. Throughout the hunt, our Virtual Adventure Guides help direct teams and provide real time challenges, adding energy and excitement to the hunt!

As teams assemble, they receive their Book of Secrets and an iPad from an Adventure Guide and are released into the museum's exhibits to discover hidden treasures and secret information. Once all the clues in their Book of Secrets are solved, teams turn in their completed books. At the end of the hunt points are tallied and the winning team is awarded tokens of achievement!

"The overall feedback from participants was VERY positive and the program met all of our objectives: to bond with new team members; to participate in a team building session that effectively utilized all of our differences; and to have some good, old-fashioned fun."

– HS2 Solutions