Putt-Putt Engineering for Charity

Putt-Putt Engineering for Charity is not your typical golf outing! Teams use boxes, cans and cases of food, along with creative and fun props to build their own miniature golf hole. At the completion of the event, all of the food items are donated to a local food pantry.

To start, our very own "Golf Pro" divides your group into teams. Each team is given a set amount of items to begin their design and building of their hole. By successfully completing challenges, they earn vouchers to exchange for additional supplies at our Prop Shop or Building Supply Station. Once building is done, our judges make the rounds of the newly created course, as each team presents their designed green.

If time permits, teams play a round of golf, allowing them to enjoy the creativity and enthusiasm of their peers and their personally designed course. If available, a representative from the food pantry makes an appearance to inform your group about their organization and thank everyone for their participation and donation! This event is definitely a hole-in-one!

"I must share that we loved working with Jodi. She was so on top of everything, so helpful and responsive, so professional and thorough. She was one of the only vendors I didn’t have to worry about and that is so valuable for a party like this."

– Big City Events