Amazing Windy City Challenge

Teams tour the city on a multitude of quests that test brains, creativity and fortitude in the most daring hunt yet. Teams bound by friendship and a desire to achieve their goals, have no idea where they are headed, the challenges they will encounter or how the journey will play out.

To begin the event, each team is given riddles and puzzles, an iPad pre-loaded with apps and an interactive digital map. During their journey to Chicago's well-known landmarks and hidden gems, they will encounter Roadblock Challenges and gather portions of the Windy City Phrase. The map contains points of interest around the area, as well as instructions for creative photos for teams to send to Headquarters. Each photo will be rated on accuracy and creativity.

Along the way, teams receive messages and real-time challenges from headquarters, encouraging them to interact with locals,tourists and even other teams.

The group reconvenes at the Final Pit Stop to share stories and experiences while points are tallied and the winning team is determined. 

"All the staff thoroughly enjoyed the event. The emcee was entertaining and not over the top. Just the right amount of sass for our group! "

– Kovitz Shifrin Nesbit