Wendy in the City

In the past few years, Chicago has become such a popular vacation destination that it is in danger of losing its "Second City" status. Disgruntled information booth employee, Wendy Citay, is fed up with all the extra work, so she has replaced the visitor guides in the city with riddles and puzzles in an attempt to confound unsuspecting tourists. After work, Wendy likes to hide out and giggle at the looks of frustration on their faces. City Hall thinks this reflects badly on our city's hospitality and wants her found and stopped!

Guests are made deputies of the Convention and Tourism Bureau and work in teams, either on foot or by trolley, to track Wendy down. It is up to the teams to solve clues (the riddles, puzzles and questions from Wendy's visitors guide) that lead them to specific sites in the area and ultimately to Wendy herself.

In City Hall's attempt to cover-up the scandal, your deputies are dispatched to various sites where they will pose as tourists, photographing each other having a good time. Points are awarded for finding Wendy, solving riddles and puzzles, originality of photographs taken and a team's return time to the final destination.

"Thank you so much for everything, as your partnership brought our Holiday UnWrap to a whole new level. Our guests were delighted and I can only imagine how the children at Lydia Home will feel upon receiving so many gifts!"

– Experient