Windy City Experience Tour

Discover the Windy City from a local's perspective in this unique excursion around town! Guests embark on a customized walking tour using an iPad pre-loaded with a digital map, camera and appropriate apps to guide them on their journey.

To kick off the adventure, our Windy City Experience staff greet guests and divide them into groups. After a brief introduction and demo, guests are off to discover Chicago with a 21st century spin! Through the wonder of modern technology, guests remain in constant communication with headquarters via iPad app and receive messages with real-time information, pop-up challenges, topical trivia and selfies to take on location. 

A custom digital map includes several famous landmarks and a few lesser-known city haunts, each with a digital hot-link highlighting its interesting features. Guests learn about the city's history, architecture and culture, participate in local diversions as they snap photos and send them to HQ.

In addition, to get the full Windy City Experience, guests will ride the famous elevated train (the el) around the Loop or cruise in a water taxi down the Chicago river, and sample classic Chicago confections - all while building relationships. Once the journey is complete, everyone reconvenes to share the laughs, stories and fun they experienced!
  • Along the way guests have the opportunity to: 
  • Go site seeing
  • View masterful architecture
  • Visit lesser known Chicago haunts 
  • Ride the famous el or traverse the Chicago River on a water taxi
  • Taste a Chicago-style confection (Frango Mints or Garrett's Popcorn) 
  • Communicate with HQ via iPad app
  • Take selfies, photos and videos
  • Learn interesting Chicago trivia
  • Enjoy an exciting adventure!

"We had a pharma group come to Chicago that wanted to do something that would give back to the community. CEI came up with the group painting 8 different murals that would be hung in clinics around the Chicagoland area. The group had a great time bonding as a group painting the murals. They enjoyed seeing the pictures of the final murals hung in each of the clinics."

– Hosts Chicago