Rendezvous at the Ranch

Utilizing iPads, teams explore the world outside, but with a Ranch Hand twist! A custom map highlights points of interest near the Ranch, where teams re-create fun photos and poses imitating the creative and energetic Ranch Hands (Catalyst Ranch staff)!

Our high energy emcee greets guests and gets them into teams. After a brief tutorial on our app, teams are able to take to the streets!

With our app, teams remain in constant communication with Ranch Headquarters and receive messages updating them on team accomplishments, bonus challenges to earn extra points and trivia questions about Chicago or their company or meeting.

As the hunt winds down, teams rendezvous at the Ranch, share stories and await the announcement of the winning team! 

"Our guests just raved about this program. It is a great way for them to interact and build morale, all while giving back to the community."

– Eved Services