Kid Lit

Promote reading and spark imagination for today's youth! Teams complete challenges and create items that make story time fun for kids. Classic books, stuffed animals in colorful outfits, hand-tied fleece blankets or pillows, and bookmarks with motivational messages are donated to a local children's charity and distributed to youths in need.

Guests enter a library unlike any other, greeted by upbeat staff and lively music! Our emcee divides them into teams and gives a table of contents for the event. Then they're off to complete challenges using strategy, skills and imagination!

As challenges are successfully completed, teams package hand-crafted items with classic children's books to create their Story Time Kit. All kits are donated to a local charity. When available, a representative from the selected charity will say a few words about the organization and accept the newly assembled gifts! 

"It was great working with you on our event last night. Jodi and Nate were terrific as well as the rest of the team! I am sure we will be working with you again in the future."

– Winston and Strawn LLP