The Hunt for Con-Artist Joe

Since Chicago's Art Institute made headlines as the best museum in the world and pushed Chicago into the limelight, Con-Artist Joe, the notorious art thief, has plundered several priceless works of art and outwitted the great detectives of the world! Your group is selected to save Chicago's world renowned status and join forces in the hunt for this great con-artist. Special-agent teams are given their mission; by solving a string of clues and executing a variety of maneuvers, teams discover the trail that leads to Con-Artist Joe and the missing Monets and Degas. Rewards go to the team that tracks down this villain before time runs out!

Guests are assigned to special-agent teams and given a confidential team kit containing rules of the hunt, a profile and bio of Con-Artist Joe and available clues. It is up to the teams to solve clues (riddles, puzzles and questions) that lead them to specific locations in the area where they may encounter an informant. Some informants will require the team to perform a challenge. When the team collects enough information, they will be able to determine where Con-Artist Joe and the art objects are hidden. Points are awarded for attempting and completing challenges, solving clues, and correctly identifying Con-Artist Joe's hideout.

(Custom storyline or diabolical character available)

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