Picture This! Photo and Scavenger Hunt

Picture this - your teams delve into the city in search of perfect settings to snap photos and collect unique items fitting zany themes. They explore new areas, interact with locals, and stimulate camaraderie.

Imagine a team going on stage dressed in costumes, singing the blues, or collecting a doggie bag from a prominent chef! The moments are captured on film by instant cameras and used to create a one-of-a-kind collage at the end of the adventure. Teams also receive points for collecting items that may be found in the area. To add to the spirit of the competition, prizes are awarded to the team with the most artistic collage.

At the start of this adventure, each team receives a packet including a list of theme photos to be taken, unique items to collect, an instant photo camera and a team mascot that must be included in all photos. Teams travel anywhere within the specified boundaries to capture the perfect photos and find their scavenger items. In the end, all teams gather and showcase their collages in hopes of securing great prizes!

"Thank you ALL for your help yesterday in creating an awesome scavenger hunt for our client. Everyone had a blast and couldn't stop talking about it at dinner. I really appreciate everyone's help and can't wait to do another one! "

– Chicago Travel Consultants