Corporate Event Team Challenge

Let the challenge begin! Lively music plays generating unbridled excitement as teams participate in unusual contests that strengthen bonds and build camaraderie. Participants puzzle over unique challenges, toss balls twenty feet in the air toward a towering basket and move hoops through a human chain. Contests are competitive, yet minimal athletic skill is necessary to participate; the challenge lies in the team's ability to work together and solve uncommon problems in an effective way.

Before the games begin, each team creates a name and performs a team cheer. With high-energy music in the background our emcee and referees conduct amusing team contests with unique props that create excitement and lots of laughs. Teams compete for the gold as points are awarded based on overall performance. At the end of the competition, points are tallied and prizes awarded to the champions!

"Thank you again for a successful event. Everyone loved it."

– Weber - Stephen