Creating A Buzz

Our team keeps participants "busy as bees" earning parts and equipment to build and decorate a beehive to be donated to a community organization. The charity or community can earn income by selling honey, candles, soap and lip balm all generated using the hives your team creates!

The buzz begins as teams enter the event space to the buzz of high-energy music, fun staff and a lively emcee. Before the action begins participants are divided into swarms (teams). Teams then receive a program briefing including an activity overview sheet, timing, safety do's and don'ts and materials available.

Teams follow instructions and compete in challenges to earn parts for their hive. They will think creatively to invent a unique team name and display board promoting their new hive. All materials and supplies are provided and while the project is challenging, professional carpentry skills are not required.

"We had a pharma group come to Chicago that wanted to do something that would give back to the community. CEI came up with the group painting 8 different murals that would be hung in clinics around the Chicagoland area. The group had a great time bonding as a group painting the murals. They enjoyed seeing the pictures of the final murals hung in each of the clinics."

– Hosts Chicago