Team Woodshop

Discover the satisfaction of working together in the philanthropic spirit in building furniture to donate to a local charitable organization. This hands-on project offers participants the unique and challenging experience of creating their own manufacturing company and building an end product that has value for its recipients.

With the help of our Head of Manufacturing (emcee) and his or her Shop Stewards (event staff), teams of approximately ten people are challenged to build functional products. Before starting, teams receive a program briefing including an activity overview sheet, timing, safety do's and don'ts.

Teams start by completing a challenge presented by our Head of Manufacturing to determine which team earns the first selection of the projects available. After selecting their item, teams are assigned workstations to start their production.

Teams must follow instructions and think creatively to invent a unique company name, slogan and display board promoting their product. All materials and supplies are provided and while the projects are challenging, carpentry skills are not required.

Participants walk away from this event with a feel-good attitude as the completed furniture is displayed before delivery to the local charity. A good hard day's labor comes with a great personal return!

"They LOVE Norm, and they all thought he worked for their company and wanted to know why they hadn't met him yet. "

– Meetinghouse Companies