To The Head of the Class!

Your team joins children from a local charitable organization in a test of smarts, teamwork and communication to make it To The Head Of The Class! In an interactive game show format, teams comprised of young and seasoned scholars are challenged to answer general knowledge questions, solve brain teasers and visual puzzles, and complete physical challenges. Each correct answer brings a team closer to their ultimate goal of reaching the head of the class! Our quick witted emcee keeps everyone entertained in this spirited contest.

To start the event, participants meet their teammates from a local non-profit organization such as the Boys & Girls Club. A brief presentation can be included to provided your team a background on the participating charity. After teams are acquainted, our emcee reviews the format for the contests and how points are awarded.

The challenges, both mental and physical, are selected to be at an even level for both your team members and the participating youth. While a winning team is crowned at the end of the activity, all children participating will take home a prize. More importantly bonds between the youth and your team of business professionals ensure a good time will be had by all!

"CEI exceeded our expectations. They produced a quality event that blew us away we have no doubt we will use them again for a great team building experience."

– DeVry, Inc.