Building a Sustainable Future

Our LEED (Let's Eradicate Environmental Destruction) building inspector challenges your group to build a sustainable community - a place that will lead the world in architectural appeal, minimize it's carbon footprint, and "reduce, reuse and recycle" with the most innovation. Using only the supplies issued, or "freecycled" from other teams, construction teams network to design and create this utopia while meeting the requirements passed down by our eager environmentalist. An outstanding PR presentation will help sell your plan to the LEED inspector and win the contract!

Upon arrival, guests receive a team identifier (small nature related icons), associating them with their construction crew. Each crew elects a foreman who divides their group into departments (parks and recreation, streets and sanitation, emissions, etc.) that will work together on the project. Teams collaborate to build their green city and prepare their PR presentation enticing both families and businesses to move to their environmentally-friendly city.

"Corporate Event Interactive releases me of the worry as well as the time to plan an event that turned out better than I could have pulled together."

– Community Specialists