The Hunt for Sustainability

Chicago is proud to be one of the top 10 greenest cities in the US, and this hunt presents some of the initiatives the City of Broad Shoulders incorporates to achieve sustainability.

Our eco-friendly emcee greets guests and divides them into teams. Each team receives an iPad with a customized interactive map highlighting sustainable and green spots in Chicago. Teams travel on foot to the locations, photographing scenarios and learning tips and techniques to decrease their own carbon footprint. At some locations teams encounter our eco-staff and compete in light physical challenges or partake in organic taste tests to earn green points.

As they travel from one location to another, teams receive messages from Eco-Q, answering green-themed trivia, performing green acts with locals, and earning additional points. As the hunt wraps up, the team with the most green points is deemed highly eco-conscious! 

"Corporate Event Interactive pitched a great concept and followed through on every detail. The results were spectacular and are still being talked about over a year later!"

– University of Michigan