Lights! Camera! Action! - Go Green!

Let's Eradicate Environmental Destruction (LEED) is developing a new image, enlisting Hollywood's top director and calling upon your talented group to create skits, songs, poems or infomercials about the benefits of "going green." Participants team up to creatively express their ideas on recycling, renewable energy, pollution, global warming and other environmental issues that may affect their work and personal lives. This workshop ties together key learning objectives in a fun, non-threatening performance environment.

To set the tone, our Director kicks off the program with a short message that the upcoming activity is fun, educational and will not place anyone in an embarrassing situation.

Once teams are formed, they write down ideas in a variety of categories (such as venue, occupation, action, conflict, famous person, etc.). Teams then randomly select these elements and a "green" topic from a series of recycling containers and incorporate the ideas into their performance with the guidance of our crew. Costume pieces and assorted props are also available to help augment the performance.

After a short rehearsal, teams perform their work for the Hollywood Director, the LEED reps and other teams. Several roles (such as director, quality control, inanimate objects, etc.) can be created for those who prefer not to have their moment in the spotlight. Prizes are awarded based on creativity, entertainment value and best use of environmental ideas!

"I thought last night's Holiday Party was a big success. The evening flowed smoothly. Everything from walking in the door to the activity was top notch. The women of CEI were great, and the emcee was a hoot."

– Business Executives Association