Barnacle Boat Build

Beware landlubbers, this cooperative boat building competition will blow ye right out of the water! Your deckhands are challenged to determine the best strategy to design, build, decorate, promote and race their customized sailing vessels. This nautical team experience will make everyone feel like they discovered a buried treasure with its excitement, creativity, competitive spirit and team bonding!

The Barnacle Boat Build will set sail with our emcee announcing the challenge in front of your pirate wannabes. Shipmates huddle to determine their strategy to create the best and fastest adult-supporting cardboard floating vessel. Teams must complete a series of Pirate's Plunder Challenges to obtain the supplies used to build and decorate their personalized watercrafts. Once all boats are completed teams prepare for the race. Teams also deliver a spirited presentation before a panel of judges who may make them "walk the plank" if they are not prepared. Depending on the seaworthiness of the vessels, several heats may be run to determine the top finishers. Prizes may be awarded for Best Pirate Ship, Least Likely to Capsize, Most Spirited Crew and the Fastest Ship on the Seven Seas!

"Outstanding job last week!!!!! You guys nailed it and I know [The Client] and his team were very impressed. "

– On The Scene