Culture Rocks

Let the rhythm of the drum and movement of your feet take your team to a new level of harmony! Performance teams move through a system of culture-oriented stations and learn to build a one of a kind performance piece. They create the rhythm of music with a drum facilitator, develop a stylized dance movement with a professional choreographer, compose lyrics with the guidance of our wordsmith and create a banner that captures the group's spirit. After a few rehearsals, each group takes the stage to showcase their "new release."

No matter your artistic abilities, this event proves that Culture Rocks! Upon arrival, guests receive the name of a famous musical group and find others with the same group to form their creative team. Each team travels from station to station, developing their performance piece with the assistance of our professionals. The event culminates when each group performs their work in front of their peers and judges. Performers on American Idol and Star Search have nothing on your group's ability to excel at this creative endeavor!

"My client was delighted, which is of course my initial need. Secondly though, the audience repeatedly said that it was the best HR presentation they had ever been through. "

– Meetinghouse Companies