Fabulous Fashion Fun

The runway awaits. In just a few minutes your company's fashion teams present their designs for the next season. This year's theme is "See and Feel The Difference!" Teams plan, design and develop an ad pitch to create the next fashion craze. Soon they will show off their ideas to their peers using models dressed entirely in their creation! 

Our top Italian designer has been sent to Chicago to consult. After a review of what they think is trending, teams attempt to create a bold new style to take the fashion world's breath away.

With the help of our Wardrobe Assistants and armed with cutting edge fashion materials and ordinary household items, teams set out to dress their model to show off your company's style. Teams create a one minute pitch incorporating art boards and theme music aimed at convincing buyers that their concept is next year's fashion trend. Winning team(s) receive the Designer of the Year Certificate and prime space in the best boutiques in the world!

"It was good for me to witness the quality work that you do and I look forward to our next opportunity!"

– On The Scene