International Culinary Cook-Off

Enjoy a fabulous international culinary extravaganza with your guests as the stars! Teams delve into their recipes with the expert guidance of our Head Chef and humorous direction from our Internationally Renowned Cooking "Expert." When the culinary teams complete their dishes, they present their work for judging of its tastiness and visual appeal. If successful, all participants indulge in a celebratory gastronomical feast to conclude the event!

The fun begins as our Cooking "Expert" greets guests as they enter the event. To start, participants are broken into culinary teams and compete in a cooking/company trivia contest to earn extra ingredients and cooking supplies for their ethnic dishes.

With the help of our Head Chef and assistants, teams are challenged with cooking an international feast based on a particular ethnic region - Mediterranean, Asian, etc., or a mix where the salad may be Latin, the entree Italian and the dessert French. Teams are tasked with preparing each dish with our culinary team providing direction, instruction, and helpful tips on working with greens, cheeses, spices, easy to make sauces, potato preparation, garnishing, and grilling. Though teams are working from the same recipe, they have the ability to modify their dishes based on their creative ideas and resources available.

When the food is prepared, an Honorary Culinary Panel, comprised of your executives or our event staff, judge each entree and present the appropriate "Golden Spatula" awards to teams based on their food's tastiness, quality of presentation and total team togetherness!

"We had full participation and an overall enthusiastic crowd thanks to the energy generated by the CEI team. Things got even better when they found out why we were building the bikes. Having the kids come in to meet and greet the team was priceless. We were all so moved by their smiles and willingness to share with us information about their program. "

– Otsuka Pharmaceutical