Kreative Kitchen: A Facilitated Team Experience

Take your team out of the heat (of the office) and into the Kreative Kitchen and help cook up some good team interaction. Teams engage in thoughtful, hands-on culinary activities as they prepare a gourmet meal in a friendly collaboration under the watchful eye of our professional chef and our team building facilitator.

Kreative Kitchen is a dynamic activity that allows teams to enjoy a sense of camaraderie as they express their creativity and learn basic kitchen skills and etiquette required to accomplish their task. Kreative Kitchen also tests your team's ability to slice and dice its way through conflict and negotiations for shared resources, testing and strengthening your group's cohesiveness or determining if there simply are "too many cooks in the kitchen!"

Your team is in good hands throughout the event under the guidance of our culinary professional, experienced in teaching individuals and teams to prepare meals properly. Teams are tasked with designing and preparing a creative multi-course dinner, decorating a team buffet and developing a marketing presentation to show off their efforts. Throughout the event, our team building facilitator observes team's interactions and helps lead mini-debrief sessions during and following the activity.

At the event's end your team's hard work is well compensated as participants break bread and share laughs while reflecting on their experience during the Kreative Kitchen!

"The team once again did an amazing job tonight. "

– On The Scene