The Racer's Edge

The track announcer readies the starting call, the national anthem echoes in the background and the excitement reaches a fevered pitch. The race is set to begin!

Each pit crew has worked as a "well oiled" team to build the ultimate race car. Focusing on creativity, efficiency and strategy while designing their racer, teams hope their car crosses the finish line first as the checkered flag waves overhead. The Winner's Circle awaits; racers start your engines!

When guests arrive, they receive the name of a race car hero and locate others with the same hero to form their pit crews. The track announcer provides instruction on the race activities as the pit crews go to their "garages." Using special Racer's Edge money, pit crews shop for supplies from the Auto Parts Store, Detail Shop or Junkyard. With materials in hand and a design in mind, pit crews assemble their racers to compete in The Racer's Edge. Depending on the group size multiple heats will be held with the winning vehicle earning its creators not only praise, but also a nice little prize to boot!

"Your team was in command of this event from the moment we received the proposal. Your on site executive was organized with precision and a can do attitude. Thank you!"

– One Smooth Stone