Brown Bag Skits

On stage, an enthusiastic cast performs a short skit in hopes of creating a new hit and capturing the judges' attention. Just moments before, theatric teams were formed and invited to write and produce a unique skit by our "Hollywood" director in search of new talent. Teams incorporate theme ideas selected from brown bags, costume pieces and assorted props into their production. After only a few short rehearsals, it's show time!

As guests arrive, they receive an identity of a well-known movie star and are encouraged to locate other guests with the same star. Once the teams are formed, they are asked to write down theme ideas in the following categories... Venue, Occupation, Action, Conflict, Famous Person, a Meeting Theme or Company Slogan. Teams then randomly select these elements from a series of brown bags and incorporate the ideas into their performance with the guidance of our staff. Teams will also have the opportunity to create a movie poster based on their skit.

After some rehearsal time, teams present their movie poster and perform their "works" for the judges and other teams. Prizes are awarded based on creativity, entertainment value and best use of theme ideas!

"Our guests just raved about this program. It is a great way for them to interact and build morale, all while giving back to the community."

– Eved Services