Lights! Camera! Action!

On stage, an enthusiastic cast performs a short skit, poem or song in hopes of creating a new viral hit. Talent teams are formed and invited to write and produce a unique creation for our Hollywood Director in search of new talent and material. Teams incorporate an overall theme or storyline and randomly select subject matter for their production. After only a few brief rehearsals, it's show time!

This workshop ties together key learning objectives in an engaging performance environment. To set the tone, our Director introduces the program with a message that the activity is fun, educational and no one will be placed in an embarrassing situation.

Once teams are formed, they write down ideas in a variety of categories (such as venue, occupation, action, conflict, famous person, etc.). Teams then randomly select these elements and incorporate the ideas into their performance with the guidance of our stage managers. Costume pieces and assorted props are also available.

After a quick rehearsal, teams perform their piece for the Hollywood Director, the judges and other teams. Several roles (such as director, stage hands, inanimate objects, etc.) can be created for those who prefer not to have their moment in the spotlight. Prizes are awarded based on creativity, entertainment value and best use of theme ideas!

"The event was a success from planning to finish. Jodi understood our objective and concept to create an event that exceeded our clients expectations. All on very short notice. I look forward to working with her and the CEI team again."

– Just for Fun Productions