Murder, Mystery and Intrigue

Your guests are part of the show in this interactive, improvisational Murder Mystery! Imagine enjoying a relaxing evening of good conversation and your favorite libation, when suddenly the lights go out! A blood-curdling scream shatters the silence not three feet away from you and the room is thrown into mayhem. Step aside Sherlock Holmes! Your guests' best crime solving abilities will be called upon to untangle the web of intrigue surrounding the mystery. Actors enhance the environment and reveal clues while mingling with your suspects and crack detectives over killer cocktails, a murderous menu and deadly dessert as they determine "who dunnit" and "why?"

Weeks prior to your event, several guests are selected to play a role in the show as suspects. Upon arrival, they receive costume accessories to help them get into character and bring the story to life. Guests discover clues left at the crime scene prompting them to interrogate each other. Additional crimes are committed and eventually guests unmask the killer! Guests (or teams) who correctly solve the mystery are awarded a prize well worth their efforts during this madcap adventure!

"For more than twelve years, Corporate Event Interactive has done the walking for me. Their thoroughness in making my events run smoothly has been invaluable."

– SunGard Investment Systems