Orienteering Dramatics

With instruction from our "Hollywood" producer, cast and crew member teams gather and search the area for the props and costume pieces that they must have for an important production that opens today! By working together to decipher riddles, solve clues and operate a compass, teams locate specific coordinates on an orienteering course and, one by one, find their needed props. Once all the pieces have been found, each team works on a unique "production" to present in an animated competition in hopes of dramatic success!

Orienteering Dramatics is an ideal program for both the cognitive thinker and the creative artist. First, teams are formed and armed with a scouting kit, including navigational clues, map, compass, whistle and survival pack. By solving the navigational clues and using their map and compass, teams locate specific coordinates to find their missing props. The more props a team finds the better they will be prepared for the "dramatics" to follow. With the assistance of our energetic staff, teams develop and perform a three to five minute skit incorporating both the found props and an industry theme. Additional props, "keywords" or a unique story line twist may also be added by the emcee. An award ceremony follows with adulation and congratulations for all participants!

"Once again Corporate Event Interactive has made my job a lot easier. They handle everything from beginning to end. Thanks!"

– Frito-Lay, Inc.