Sit-Com Shenanigans

Scenes and music from classic sit-com television shows like "Happy Days," "The Addams Family" and "Gilligan's Island" come alive when guests form teams and hit the stage. Such characters as Lucy, the Fonz and Ted Baxter are on hand to greet and coach your new proteges on the basics of acting.

Teams create and produce a special scene that includes sit-com characters, animals, furniture, sound effects and information about your own company - your guests are the entertainment! Following the performances, Shenanigan Awards are presented to winners based on the critics' picks. Sit-Com Shenanigans is a delightfully funny affair!

As guests arrive, they secretly receive an identity of a well-known television character and are encouraged to locate other guests in their "show family." Each team receives a bag of props and an information card, rekindling memories of the show's theme. Our characters instruct and coach the teams on producing a two to three minute skit that includes the storyline of their show and information about their company. After the performances, a panel of judges determines the Shenanigan Awards for categories, such as Best Actor/Actress, Best Use of Entire Cast, Most Imaginative Use of Sound and Best Performer in a Non-Speaking Role!

"This (Sal Capone's Speakeasy) was a fantastic event to get cross functional teams communicating. "

– GE Medical Systems